Welcome to Dexmach. We want to make Cloud Services work for you.

What do you get when you combine a future focused team, innovative solutions and the traction of the Cloud continuously defining more cloud-valuable services? Dexmach. Our drive to bring value to the IT services field in new ways is what propelled us to create a business that would offer more than your standard IT services management company.

As a “deus ex machina” for your cloud services needs, we’ve put it upon ourselves to keep creating ways to make the Cloud work for any customer. We saw a space where the architecting, implementing and servicing of cloud services could be improved, and that is what we want to accomplish at Dexmach.

What’s so innovative about our services?

  • Because our professional services, solutions and products are defined with native cloud functionality in mind.
  • By bringing the Cloud, innovation and business together we can create an optimized base to deliver cloud services to our customers.
  • We specialize in the definition, standardization and automation of cloud services. Not only upon deployment, but also to operate and report on cloud service consumption.
  • We provide a complete set of accelerators, solutions and products to fully customize your 360 cloud control environment.

The Dexmach Approach

We’ve designed our approach around the way we would want to take if we ourselves were a customer. By being transparent, open and matter of fact when we assist our customers, delivering the best service possible is a guarantee. The Dexmach team can assist you with any questions regarding costs, performance and security when it comes to cloud service consumption. With our ability to standardize deployments we can eliminate problems that could happen in the future with other approaches.

Automation is a cornerstone of the Dexmach approach, and our custom solutions DexBrix and DexCare make sure that we can achieve it for any cloud user. To further round out our approach we’ve created DExports to ensure that all application performance reports, costs and security insights are fully visible. By being a “deus ex machina” in the Cloud, we are your biggest ally in creating and implementing the cloud services you need from start to finish, and beyond.

Let Dexmach Take You There

With our goal to industrialize IT service management and accelerate customer innovations in cloud services, we are proud to introduce you to the new Dexmach. Our team is determined to deliver value for our customers, using our custom approach and innovative mindset. From deployment to operations to insights, we’ve got a solution to any of your cloud problems….This is Dexmach.

We would like to invite you to join us on our journey. Follow along with our biweekly blog for insights from our experts on business intelligence, security, cloud management and everything in between. We’ve got the coffee flowing and we are always working on ways to improve our services and your cloud experiences. Let Dexmach take you to the cloud of your dreams. Get in touch with one of our IT specialists today to find out how.

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