App Modernization: How ISVs Can Easily Transition From Traditional Apps To Native Cloud

App Modernization: How ISVs Can Easily Transition From Traditional Apps To Native Cloud

In a world where so many technology terms are used in everyday language, it’s easy to assume that, where ‘the cloud’ is concerned, most businesses have evolved their data solutions.

Moving to the cloud is getting easier for ISVs

However, independent software vendors often struggle to create cloud-based apps. This is because they’re used to creating custom web apps for an on-prem data centre – servicing up to 1,000 people within a single environment – rather than building a scalable app that’s accessible via an online marketplace and which potentially be used by millions.

But this is changing. Companies looking to grow their businesses need to increase their software’s accessibility – from anywhere. Innovation is driven by user demand and the pace of change is equally frenetic.

As an app’s user base increases, so do the performance requirements as new integrations are added. Running costs also increase as more infrastructure is needed and greater security is essential – from both an identity and network perspective.

The Dexmach Approach

DexMach’s role is to make sure PaaS and SaaS concepts are clear and explain how these can help on-prem, data centre-focused developers easily transition into a cloud-based environment. We not only provide consultancy services to help them navigate there; we also provide the tools to make it happen.

Unlike other IT integration experts, we don’t offer hybrid cloud compromises; we offer native cloud services from the get-go. We don’t reinvent the wheel either; we use Microsoft’s own reference architecture.

This means we can translate architecture into code to get rid of any human error factors, and we even provide a range of advice-based guides (which we call ‘Cookbooks’) to help businesses prepare their apps for integration and ensure they fully benefit from Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform.

The journey to complete cloud adoption is a gradual one, and while app optimisation becomes easier over time the biggest hurdle can be knowing where to begin. That’s one of the reasons we continue to offer a series of user events each year; to offer the support and direction needed.

Upcoming User Event

In fact, we have a dedicated ISV-focused event happening over the next month. On June 20, the DexMach team will run a 2 hour session on app modernization, in which we’ll also focus on the services our partners offer. Representatives from Microsoft, Ingram Micro Cloud, and Van Havermaet will also join us.

For more information on the events and to register to attend, please visit our website.

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