Stop worrying about your apps and infrastructure

✓ You build software

✓ You want to grow your business

✓ You want to focus on your solution, not on the infrastructure operations


Just for you, DexMach has built a dynamic platform on Microsoft Azure, automating the management of your application infrastructure.

We eliminate the hassle while you benefit from cost insights & performance optimizations through transparent cloud insights and the best practice recommendations of our architects

Why DexMach?

  • A worry-free and infinitely scalable platform in the cloud that grows with business
  • Harness the full potential of cloud-native technologies
  • Optimize costs on the fly
  • Focus completely on your business

There’s a difference between developing software and operating a successful cloud software service.

DexMach helps ISVs and software companies with the technological and business changes needed to transition their products to the cloud. Thanks to DexMach’s cloud automation expertise and proven cloud managed service, DexMach transforms every traditional application into a scalable cloud service.

A “deus ex machina” for cloud services, DexMach makes the cloud work for their customers in the best way possible.

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What can you expect:

  • Modernize web applications and deliver intelligent experiences
  • Build cloud native apps and ship faster using a cloud native approach
  • Scale DevOps practices to drive your digital transformation
  • Run “Operations-as-a-Service” and focus on your own solution
  • Your development road-map
    • Lift and Shift with quick wins integration
    • Small development optimizations in the release planning
  • Learn more about the Microsoft Azure platform
  • Networking possibilities and talks with our experts

Apart from these technologies, we will also have an exclusive session by Van Havermaet about possible tax reductions for innovation and development.

Or let’s plan a discovery meeting.

DexCare, your 24/7 cloud care plan

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