Azure Cloud Foundation

Secure and compliant

DexMach has created an approach to onboard customers in the cloud. With the large experience in assisting enterprise customers in their journey to the cloud we can provide guidance on best practices and present a complete program that fits your needs.

To begin your journey with Azure, a solid foundation is needed to start adding building blocks on top of it.

What is this “foundation”?

The Azure Cloud Foundation consists off all components needed to start putting resources in the cloud. For this DexMach uses Microsoft validated reference architectures and blue-prints.

Our experts organize workshops with you to define standards for subscriptions, rights management, naming conventions, network connectivity on Azure, security and management services (includes monitoring, backup, …). Within the foundation we gather and set your service catalog items. Via automation we tend to make sure that the implementation of the cloud environment is done in a controlled way which makes each item compliant and secure by design.

How do we guarantee security and compliance?

We translate infrastructure to code. Code is validated once and can be re-used x-times. Each deployment is secure and compliant through automation. After the deployment the compliancy state is continuously validated and auto-remediated if necessary.

Can we get insights in these resources you put in the cloud?

Of course! DexMach has created dashboards to give you complete transparency in your consumption costs. We use this data to continuously optimize your environment and in the end lower the costs. Lower costs on consumption, but also increase time to market with faster deployments and less management overhead.

Customer opportunity

Cloud-First approach!

Faster innovation and cloud adoption.

Business agility and flexibility taking advantage of cloud scale and economics.

Guided program for setting a solid Azure Cloud Foundation.

Expert training for your system engineers.

Get started

To get you started on Azure, DexMach provides a 5-day interactive workshop package to define your Azure Cloud Foundation.

During these workshops we discuss following topics to define your landing zone:

  • Cloud Identity
  • Cloud Governance
  • Naming Convention & Resource Management
  • Networking & Connectivity
  • Subscription Management
  • Security & Monitoring

This approach is valid for both “green-field” and existing cloud environments. If you want to align your current cloud environment with the Azure Cloud Foundation, we create a work scope for a controlled implementation of the necessary changes after these workshops.

Optionally we can define some of your workloads and move them to your new landing zone as a proof-of-concept.


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