Azure DevOps & CI/CD

Key to success

Coding is easy. A developer, a computer, a nice playlist and of course… coffee. That is all you need to turn ideas into apps. Now imagine a lot of caffeinated developers, all contributing to the same application. And at the other end of the spectrum, a sales guy selling application features like lollipops to children. More concurrent code to review, test and put into one code base, while also needing to deliver to the customer on a fast cadence. Do more in less time, that’s the directive. It might sound crazy, dangerous, even foolish. And you might be right, but check the following numbers:

  • Amazon has more than 21,000 developers and deploys a software change every second
  • Google has 100,000 developers and runs 500 million tests on their applications every day
  • Microsoft has 50,000 software engineers and can update their Azure platform continuously

“Ok… nice to know, but these are major companies, surely I don’t have the manpower or budget to setup the same process, nor need to release updates this quickly.”

Well, you’re right but …  these major companies share their gained knowledge and tooling on DevOps and CI/CD so that you don’t need to learn nor build anything new while still acquiring the same capabilities. Business revenue has a direct relation with the ability to respond to change. Especially if there is a lot of competition in your industry, having the constant edge can be key to success.

“Wait it’s the same process, did you copy/paste something wrong?” No, as you can see, processes don’t change much. In fact, you can take a relic like ITIL and discover that the concepts are still important in modern service delivery. However tools can change. Where the traditional process had a human intervention involved, the modern approach has only one human interaction: Developer signs-off on code.

By defining a DevOps process once and establishing an automated pipeline between your developers and the infrastructure, you empower your developers to push out innovation quickly, while still having the operations team there to maintain the pipeline and ensure compliance with company standards.

Customer opportunity

Get to know the components needed to move to a DevOps approach.

Assess your current way of working and identify change areas.

Focus can shift exclusively to delivering value, while offloading infrastructure & deployment to automation.

Training for your development and operations team.

Get started

We are your VIP, Value Introducing Partner. Our experts listen to your story, your current struggles and future ambitions. Together with you, we define a DevOps approach tailored to your service. Afterwards we train your teams to operate the pipeline and increase value output.

DevOps Jumpstart

> Intake with brainstorm workshop

> POC pipeline definition & creation

> Developer and Operations training session


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