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DexMach cloud innovation – disruptive, audited and certified!

Your business deserves the best IT cloud solutions. To cope with today’s complex cloud computing challenges, you want to rely on a trusted Microsoft service provider for modern business and IT cloud solutions to assist you in the journey. DexMach aims to be the best in-class cloud managed service provider. We passed Advanced Specialization audits for “Windows Server & SQL Server Migration” and “Modernization of Web applications” as one of the first in Europe. Our operational excellence was confirmed the same month – after a thorough audit – with the attainment of the Azure Expert MSP status. For us this helped to perfect our processes. This certification is your guarantee for our deep expertise and proven practices in cloud computing.

Azure Expert MSPs are a highly evolved form of managed services partners. The core of an Azure Expert MSP’s business places a significantly higher focus on “Automation & Dev-Ops” over traditional MSP’s who focus on the people & processes associated with the customer lifecycle. Azure Expert MSP’s are highly technical organizations with skillsets across DevOps/Sysops, architecting cloud solutions and technical professional consulting. An Azure Expert MSP pivots on business outcomes of their customer’s solutions and applications, and not on workloads or offers.

An Azure Expert MSP must offer repeatable, highly automated solutions to enable and support hyper-scale cloud implementations. Their service follows an agile customer-driven design, and mixes consultancy, migration and management to evolve a customer from a “Design, Build, Operate” process to a dynamic “Design, Optimize, Transform” cycle. Focus is on creating end-user value through business value metrics, SLAs, resiliency and continual optimization to drive outcomes for customers.

Advanced Specializations for Microsoft Azure:

  • Windows Server and SQL Server Migration

  • Modernization of Web Applications

The IT-world is in the industrialization era! Every industry and organization is looking to extend its IT services with cloud capabilities; while these organizations have all the parts to build a solid, controlled and predictable cloud environment, many of them do not have the knowledge and insights to set these up properly.
Our team of cloud experts covering different cloud areas in combination with our next-gen cloud products DexBrix and DexCare, make DexMach your ideal partner for a cloud “deus ex machina”.

We believe that we can change the standard in cloud IT service management by offering control over a secure cloud ecosystem through standardization and automated deployment, operation and management.

Born in the cloud

As an IT services provider with a “born in the cloud” mindset, this is the new element to provide value for our customers. Complexity of using cloud is, in many cases, associated with translating traditional architectures to cloud services. Changing this mindset has the direct result that current IT business services models are subject to change when introducing cloud services.

Do more with less work hours

For you to be able to achieve more with cloud services, you need to start doing less manual work. Delivering cloud services and applications to production in a faster, standardized and stable way has become imperative to the future success of any business. Automate it as a whole and benefit from industrialized IT services! There’s no need to start from scratch. You can benefit from proven approach and best practices, tweaked to your needs, to get your cloud environment up and running compliantly in no time.

DexMach is delivering professional services & solutions for leading-edge companies with a desire to innovate by harnessing the power of cloud-native services. For customers who want measurable ROI of cloud investments and a reliable and cost-effective operation of their IT platform.

Partner of the Year 2020

The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards recognize Microsoft partners that have developed and delivered exceptional Microsoft-based solutions during the past year. Awards were classified in several categories, with honorees chosen from a set of more than 3,300 submitted nominations from more than 100 countries worldwide. DexMach was recognized for providing outstanding solutions and services in Belgium.

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