Cloud Compliancy


You would like to measure your cloud environment is well configured with your definitions and the security best practices. Today there are no open solutions where your foundation definitions or specific evaluations can be integrated and measured.

The reporting should be easily understandable and accessible to the stakeholders.


The DexBrix Compliancy solution is a centralized SaaS solution that scans your Azure environment. The defined rules for your environment are validated and compliancy dashboards are available to evaluate the results.  Non-compliant resources in your Azure environment can be automatically remediated with the proper actions. A compliant Azure environment guarantees that the defined rules are met, Microsoft recommendations are taken into account and security best practices are enabled.

The DexBrix Compliancy solution has the following capabilities:

  • Compliancy Validation: Check compliancy of your cloud environment against a rich library of rules (+180) and provides a framework to define your own compliancy rules.
  • Automated Remediation: If something becomes non-compliant you have the option to automatically fix the issue and in this way enforce a compliant cloud environment.


Continuous validation and new security checks

  • Access to a rich set of compliancy rules. For example CIS (Center for Internet Security) Foundations.
  • Hourly/daily/weekly scans of your cloud


  • Rich metrics to acquire visibility in the cloud environment and detect “shadow IT”
  • Extended reports for regular audit and evaluation of your security & compliancy state
  • Clear insights to help your security teams detect potential attack attempts on your identities, infrastructure & more

Enforce security & compliance

  • Leverage “Security as Code” to enforce your policies
  • Access to a set of automated remediations
  • Enforce a compliant Azure cloud environment

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