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Cost Optimization – Azure Reserved Instances

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How to use the report


Thank you for installing the DexMach Power BI App !

In this Power BI report we want to give you insights in your Azure Reserved Instances (RI):

  1. The potential savings that you can obtain by reserving instances for your Virtual Machines for one-year term or three-year terms (up to 72% compared to pay-as-you-go-prices)
  2. If you already have RI’s:
    • How much are you utilizing the RI’s
    • When do the RI periods expire

This document will assist you in understanding the report and how to connect to your enterprise environment to gain insights in your Azure Reserved Instances. To connect to your environment you need to have an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft.

The reserved instances data and forecasted savings are estimates based on the Azure Consumption API by Microsoft.

Understanding the report

Below you can find the report with sample data that is available within the report. The report has four section where we will go more in detail:

  1. Summary of Potential Cost Savings
  2. Detail per Region, Series, Cost Savings Estimates and Recommended Quantity
  3. Break-down of current purchased Reserved Instances by Order & Series
  4. Potential Cost Savings relative to Cost without Reserved Instances

  1. Summary of Potential Cost Savings
    • Potential Cost Savings by reserving instances for 1Y or 3Y
    • Savings per year, month and relative to cost without reserved instances (RI)
  1. Detail per Region, Series, Cost Savings Estimates and Recommended Quantity
    • RI are applicable per region and Series. Within one region and series the instance size flexibility kicks in so the aggregated normalized sizes can be purchased for all sizes within one series & region.
    • This table shows per region & series & sizes what the recommended quantity is you could purchase and how much the savings would be. This is based on the usage of the last 30days.

In the sample data, you can find the recommended quantity for purchase of RI for the region West Europe – DSv3 Series – 3Y is 58, the estimated saving would be 2.695,13 € per month. With RI size flexibility you can also purchase one size that would work for all three – e.g. Standard_D2s_v3 and you would need 101 = 35 (D2s_v3) + 2*13 (D4s_v3) + 4*10 (D8s_v3).

  1. Break-down of current purchased Reserved Instances by Order & Series
    • In this matrix you can find all the active RI that you purchased in the past, the usage and the expiration date of the purchased RI.
    • The active RI are also categorized per Series and Region.
  1. Potential Cost Savings relative to Cost without Reserved Instances
    • These two pie-chart show the potential savings relative the current cost without RI
    • One pie-chart shows the savings by reserving for one-year term, the other for reserving for three-year.

Configuring the Power Bi app

1. Click on the Power BI App link or via “Get it Now” on the AppSource Marketplace2.

2. Sign-in to your organization’s Power BI environment

3. Click on Install to deploy the App in your environment

4. If the App is installed and you click on the App in your Power BI environment, you will get the following three options:

  • Connect your data
    • Click here if you want to see the report with your data and recommendations that are relevant to your environment
  • Explore with sample data
    • Click here if you want to play around with the report and explore with the sample data provided. You can still connect to your data later if you want
  • Customize and share
    • Click here if you want to go the newly created Power BI workspace created in your environment where you can find the report. You can share the report with others or look at the usage metrics of the report

5. Connect your data (you can also connect by going to the workspace and click on the connect to your data button – see below)

  • To connect to your data you need two parameters:
    • Azure Enrollment Number
    • EAAccess Key (this you have to fill in at Account Key)

After you filled in the parameter you must wait a bit until the data is refreshed. If the data is refreshed you can access the insights !

You can find the parameters in you Enterprise Portal. Instruction to get them are in the report under “ parameter” or below:

6. Your data will be visible in the “Your Data – RI Insights” sheet in the same format as the sample data.

Customizations & Additional Cloud Insights

We hope to have provided all required information. We can also provide customizations to the report or additional cloud insights like:

  1. Foundation Compliancy Checks where we do an automated audit check of your azure cloud environment (e.g. does each resource group have a resource, are the back-up vaults configured, are the applications https only) and provide the insights on how to remediate them.
  2. Performance Metrics where we show the performance of your VM’s (CPU%, Memory%), the pending crucial updates, back-up and malware insights.
  3. Cost Evolution of your Cloud environment, where you can follow-up per month/day the cost evolution per subscription, resource group, meter category and of course your reserved instances !

If you want a demo about the additional cloud insights that we can provide or need extra Power BI or Azure Cloud assistance, you can reach out to your DexMach contact person or click on the link below to request a demo.

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