DexBrix off-the-shelf productivity bricks

At a glance

DexBrix is a managed platform to help enormously enhance the productivity, performance and innovation of your services. By delivering off-the-shelf productivity bricks, the platform helps you model and manage IT processes and your business in a very simple, but efficient way. You can benefit instantly from the experience and knowledge we gathered throughout the years from many automation and service management projects. This off-the-shelf knowledge is waiting for you!

DexBrix comes with a rich set of individual automations (Brix) and solutions that will kick-start your automation journey immediately.

  • Use our comprehensive automation library to automate your cloud IT processes.
  • DexBrix is delivered as a cloud-based service. No long waiting lists to design and build the platform, no financial upfront investment. Just pick the module you need from the shelf and start building solutions within minutes.
  • Flexibility in consuming DexBrix automation is provided as a services. Access to this core library, packed with automated solutions, is provided through a SaaS model that you can easily integrate in your cloud environment.

Automation is no longer exclusive for repetitive tasks. It is an opportunity to industrialize your entire cloud environment. Standardization, secure by design, compliant through automation.


There are some things you cannot automate. For everything else there is DexBrix.

Some things can not be automated. For everything else there is DexBrix.

The concept is quite simple:

  • DexBrix has an experienced automation team that has built a cloud automation library.
  • Reference architectures of cloud solutions are solutions deployed with one single “click”.
  • The DexBrix automation engine is the orchestrator of the automation. Automation requests trigger the engine and it instantly deploys the required library Brix.
  • Service access is provided through an API for flexible integration in your portals, tools or workflows.

All required elements are available to outsource cloud provisioning to an automation service.

How can this work for you?

Automation is key in using cloud services and needs to be consumable, transparent and predictable. Access to the automated solutions library is provided in a SaaS model that is easily integrated in existing tools, portals, workflows or development build & release processes. Here are some usage scenarios currently in production:

  • Service request automation via existing ITIL tooling so workflows can include automated actions.
  • Service catalog portal integration to automatically deliver requests.
  • Office 365 or Microsoft Azure workflow engines.
  • DexCare cloud managed services is using DexBrix automation services in operations to guarantee optimal services.
  • Development build & release processes to automatically provision and deprovision infrastructure components.

DexMach consultancy services to assist adopting DexBrix cloud automation services.

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