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Our holistic approach to managing your cloud environment guarantees a compliant and secure running of your cloud IT infrastructure and resources. We help you re-evaluate your current service processes to optimize support towards your business. With DexCare, we apply modern service management techniques to make sure IT facilitates you and your business.


Based on the concepts of the DevOps methodology, we have defined our managed service to support your resources and their configuration in collaboration with the necessary stakeholders defined by you. These stakeholders can be business teams, internal or external application development teams or other third-party service providers you work with.

During the intake we evaluate the environment with the Azure Cloud Foundation reference definitions. During this evaluation a snap-shot of the existing environment is taken and analyzed. This analysis enables us to fine-tune our managed service to your business needs so we can provide you with a secure and compliant working environment for you and your colleagues.

One of the cornerstones of our approach is the Bimodal IT practice as defined by Gartner. This practice focuses on managing two separate but coherent workloads: one oriented to predictability, the other focused on exploration.

We provide everything you expect from a managed service. All (daily) operational tasks are encompassed in Mode 1 of our service. Mode 2 focuses on optimizing your IT environment on an iterative and continuous basis. Your business changes, so do your IT requirements! We help you optimize the business value you get from your cloud infrastructure while optimizing costs and respecting user experience.

How can this work for you?

Moving your IT infrastructure or your business applications to the cloud is only the beginning. Having a partner to manage your cloud environment with a focus on cost optimization, smooth user experience, security and compliance will enable you to prioritize your core business.

Our reporting provides you with insights as your cloud infrastructure is evolving. It gives you a view on resource usage, cost, compliance and user experience.

DexCare provides you with an end-to-end service that takes the responsibility to make sure that technology services you, instead of you being subject to it.

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