Cloud solutions don’t just fall out of the sky, do they?

Adopt and integrate cloud services

Adopting cloud services in a new or existing environment is a process that demands an individual approach for each organization. The DexMach team is at your service to help defining your landing zone on Azure, governance and application architectures.

Adopt, advisory and integrations consultancy is the phase in which the value of your cloud environment is envisioned, evaluated and, in the end, a roadmap is defined. This set of consultancy services prepares an organization for the next steps in creating value out of cloud services.

Cloud Migration

Our infrastructure optimization assessment program deeply analyzes your datacenter workload and we make the translation to a cloud environment. Technical details of the applications running in the datacenter are captured and analyzed. This information is used as input to define an optimized cloud environment and cloud procedures, in order to move workload to the cloud environment.

Start with an infrastructure optimization assessment
Plan & Execute your cloud migration
Get ready for Hybrid Datacenter Management with Azure Arc

Accelerator Programs

The goal of these accelerator programs is to consume reference architectures, integrate customer specific requirements and implement the defined solution. An overview of the DexMach accelerator programs:

Azure Cloud Foundation
Modern Workplace Foundation
Azure DevOps & CI/CD
Identity & Threat Protection
Windows Virtual Desktop

Modernize Applications

Individual application or complete solutions that are running your business need a specific approach. In this scenario a close collaboration with development and the business is needed in order to define the architecture of your next version, a cloud application. The roadmap for development is a breakdown in which:

  • quick wins are directly integrated in the move to the cloud environment.
  • small development optimization adjustments are defined in the release planning
  • architecture changes define their own release.

This is a high-level overview of the application transition approach where code samples, “cookbooks”, reference architectures and notes-from-the-field are compiled to define and assist in implementing the complete cloud application optimization roadmap.

Application Modernization

Cloud architecture and consultancy

Show us where your current ICT situation leaves you in the dark and we will show you the light. You describe what you expect from your business in terms of ICT and we will guide you on this journey.

The cloud demands team work! A wide set of practices is covered by our team to assist you in your cloud journey:

  • Apps and Infra is the area where your workload, lift & shift and modern apps are covered.
  • Identity and Security – Modern Workplace area is the practice to assure that your cloud identity is defined and secured in the cloud.
  • Data & AI are the data play-ground for any kind of data scenario, even application specific modelling, analysis and visualization of your data is possible.
  • Azure DevOps area is the development consultancy practice to adopt the new cloud way-of-working.

Guidance and reference architectures of Microsoft, notes-from-the-field and best practices for architecting and consuming cloud services are compiled in the DexMach cloud solutions and services.

Brainstorm sessions where initial dreams can grow, technical discussions with subject matter experts can be facilitated and alignment with business is discussed. These interactive sessions are organized  to discuss a blue-print of a solution, roadmap to the cloud or to evaluate the business value of integrating cloud services.

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Advisory consultancy is an on-demand service that can be scheduled for a single event discussion or in an orchestrated way for discussing updates and new cloud opportunities. Each advisory track is a customer specific track, in which cloud capabilities, application development and business requirements are discussed.

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Cloud workshops can be organized to discuss a specific area of cloud services. These can vary from a half a day to a series of workshops, depending on the scope of the assignment. The workshops follow a default scheme where design elements are discussed, options evaluated and definitions for your environment are created.

On demand training courses can be organized for your cloud team. DexMach offers home made courses that combine the topics of the course with notes-from-the-field and hands-on training labs. Trainings can be customized to train your team specifically for your customer case.

DexCare, your 24/7 cloud care plan

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Dexbrix off-the-shelf productivity bricks

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