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With DExports as a visualization platform you get useful and actionable insights on all your cloud resources. By delivering impactful graphical overviews, you know immediately where to intervene in order to optimize security, performance and costs

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Moving your resources to the cloud brings a lot of advantages. Yet keeping an overview and managing it all is a daunting task. You don’t want to spend an entire working day looking for anomalies, running through different portals, trying to find incorrect settings and monitoring the performance of all those components.

We take this tedious job out of your hands by presenting you DExports. One solution to show you the status of your cloud assets, their compliancy to best practices or your own business requirements and insights on usage and costs. An easy to grasp overview with easy drilling through to get the details gives you a clear view where your attention should be focused.

Security issues, performance problems, evolution of costs and more insights are very valuable to any business. Using DExports you too can act proactive and efficiently. Prevent and resolve issues early on and save your business from trailing obstacles. Reporting solutions are grouped into domains which you can delegate to the appropriate stakeholders and support. Dashboards can be shared, and alerts can be configured so you’re not on watch all the time.

We offer a wide set of insights:

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Usage
  • Cloud Performance
  • Cloud Security
  • Office 365
This can be expanded with insight dashboards made to measure for your business. We help you with all monitoring and reporting to lift your cloud operations to the highest level.
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Our reporting provides you with insights as your cloud infrastructure is evolving. It gives you a view on resource usage, cost, compliance and user experience completely customizable to your liking and always up to date.

DExports provides you with an insights visualization solution that enables you to make the right decision to help and move your business ahead.

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