Lift & Shift Feasibility Assessment

Optimize your cloud move

Moving resources from the on-premise datacenter to the Azure environment is not something you do overnight. This needs proper planning and an approach to detail the workloads before they are re-hosted in the new environment.

Some say “the cloud is more expensive”.

This is partially true… just re-hosting your existing infrastructure to the cloud probably will cost your more. But if you re-platform or re-code your applications with the help of DexMach, you benefit from cloud-native functionalities, cost optimization and faster time to market. DexMach provides you with cost dashboards to continuously re-evaluate and tune your cloud environment.

We assist our customers throughout the entire migration process with an approach that works. Below you find a brief overview of the different steps and their goals.

Information Gathering

An important first step in the process. For a first bundle of inventory information we will use all information that already exists within your applications. You might already have created an inventory of the applications identified as possible candidates, but in addition DexMach advises to use Azure Migrate to scan and report to assess and migrate your resources to Azure.


Gathered information is analyzed and prepared for the Assessment phase of the process. DexMach has a large experience in moving workloads from datacenter to the cloud. The main inventory, financial information and technical scan of Azure Migrate are combined with DexMach notes-from-the-field to create a first draft of the assessment deliverables.


The phase in which the deliverables are developed. Analysis information is discussed during workshops. Business requirements and technical input is brought together to create 3 main deliverables:

  • Documented Lift & Shift flow chart.
  • Categorization of applications in scope of the “move”.
  • High-level planning how the move can be executed.

Execution phase

The project phase in which the definitions are translated to real execution.
Different migration scenarios are possible depending on assessment categorization. During the migration we continuously re-evaluate after each different workload and optimize where needed to continue the migration as smooth as possible.

Level 1: Lift & Shift

Fast move your virtual machines 1-1 to the cloud.

Already benefit from cloud flexibility, but IaaS can become quite expensive.

Example: move a VM running a web application with a SQL database

Level 2: Re-platform

Your workloads can already take advantage of cloud capabilities.

Cost optimization.

DexMach aims for automated deployment and configuration of your workloads.

Example: move your VM with a web application to an Azure IaaS VM. Shift to SQL PaaS.

Level 3: Re-factor

DexMach creates customer “cookbooks” to assist developers in re-architecting or re-coding their applications.

Example: re-code your application to use Azure AD authentication. Move to Azure WebApp and SQL PaaS.

App Modernization

Customer opportunity

Rapid workplace provisioning.

Business agility and flexibility with an increase in employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Centralized workplace management.

Cloud managed.

Expert training for your system engineers.

Get started

> Lift & Shift workshop explaining you all concepts.

> Infrastructure discovery.

> Plan your lift & shift road map.

> Move one workload to the cloud as a proof of concept.


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