Lift & Shift Feasibility Assessment

Optimize your cloud move

Moving resources from the on-premise datacenter to the Azure environment is not something you do overnight. This needs proper planning and an approach to detail the workloads before they are re-hosted in the new environment.

Why Microsoft Azure? (PDF)

Some say “the cloud is more expensive”.

This is partially true… just re-hosting your existing infrastructure to the cloud probably will cost your more. But if you re-platform or re-code your applications with the help of DexMach, you benefit from cloud-native functionalities, cost optimization and faster time to market. DexMach provides you with cost dashboards to continuously re-evaluate and tune your cloud environment.

We assist our customers throughout the entire migration process with an approach that works. Below you find a brief overview of the different steps and their goals.

Execution phase

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Customer opportunity

  • End-to-end analysis and mapping of your entire IT estate, taking into consideration current deployment, usage, processes, and data.
  • The analysis will be the basis for the evaluation of your overall infrastructure in relation to your on-premises and cloud-strategy.
  • Optimize your current application and server workloads while providing insights on the business and technology benefits to moving additional additional workloads to the cloud.
  • Ability to provide recommendations to optimize policies and procedures to facilitate your digital transformation strategy and implementation.

Get started

Contact us for a first introduction meeting and we can get to know your requirements, vision & cloud strategy.

Next step we can plan the infrastructure optimization assessment. We explain you the technicalities and what is needed from your end help us gather the required information for the analysis.

An example of how such an assessment would look like:

  • 1-day implementation of the tooling
  • 2 to 4 weeks of environment scanning for information gathering
  • we analyse the results and plan a full day workshop to discuss the results and define your cloud migration road-map
  • optionally we can plan for a proof-of-concept to move a workload to the cloud
Feasibility Assessment in Azure Marketplace

Some of our project references

With an infrastructure optimization assessment and application owner centric approach, DexMach has provided the needed insights for Aperam to take the right decisions in their cloud strategy. DexMach has executed an accelerated cloud migration of the Aperam datacenter to Microsoft Azure via lift & shift. Modernization of the IaaS services is the next phase. Continuous environment evaluation and optimization is executed via the DexCare Cloud Managed Services.

Aperam is a global player in the stainless, electrical and specialty steel markets with customers in over 40 countries. The company employs more than 9000 employees worldwide.

Manufacturing, Aperam

Lift & Shift Migration Assessment for an end-to-end analysis and mapping of the IT estate of the Spain entity of ArcelorMittal. The scope of the project encompasses the cloud migration of more than 600 virtual machines to Microsoft Azure.

ArcelorMittal is the world’s largest steel producer with more than 200k+ employees.

Manufacturing, ArcelorMittal


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