Lift & Shift Migration Program


Start with a migration assessment

The DexMach lift and shift program is developed to simplify the migration from datacenter to Microsoft Azure. DexMach has defined 3 steps for a controlled lift and shift execution.

  • A feasibility assessment phase is performed to detail the current environment.
  • During the validation and planning phase the assessment information is used as input to create a complete execution plan.
  • The execution phase takes on an agile approach where weekly sprints of migration workload is executed.

By standardizing lift and shift DexMach has built tooling to facilitate the migration process. Application owners are involved from the beginning of the journey. All information is accessible via a PowerBI dashboard so that the customer is always up-to-date with the progress and status of the migration.

Execution phase

The project phase in which the definitions are translated to real execution.
Different migration scenarios are possible depending on assessment categorization. During the migration we continuously re-evaluate after each different workload and optimize where needed to continue the migration as smooth as possible.

Level 1: Lift & Shift

Fast move your virtual machines 1-1 to the cloud.

Already benefit from cloud flexibility, but IaaS can become quite expensive.

Example: move a VM running a web application with a SQL database

Level 2: Re-platform

Your workloads can already take advantage of cloud capabilities.

Cost optimization.

DexMach aims for automated deployment and configuration of your workloads.

Example: move your VM with a web application to an Azure IaaS VM. Shift to SQL PaaS.

Level 3: Re-factor

DexMach creates customer “cookbooks” to assist developers in re-architecting or re-coding their applications.

Example: re-code your application to use Azure AD authentication. Move to Azure WebApp and SQL PaaS.

App Modernization

Customer opportunity

  • Complete overview of your infrastructure via the lift & shift migration assessment.
  • Run a standardized, secure and well-managed cloud environment. Our offerings help you use Azure security and management services optimally to govern and monitor your cloud applications. Automated management capabilities at your fingertips.
  • Bring Windows Server and SQL Server on-premises licenses with Software Assurance to Azure. Learn more about Azure Hybrid Benefit
  • Apply savings across Azure Virtual Machines and Azure PaaS services.
  • Developer “cookbooks” to facilitate your application modernization.
  • Gain cloud insights of your environment with DExports. Our easy-to-use visualization platform for cost, performance and security reporting. For example, benefit from virtual machine reservations and save up to 80 percent. Learn more about Azure Reserved Instances (RIs).

Get started

A feasibility assessment is performed to detail the current environment.

The assessment is used to create a complete execution plan and provide a detailed statement of work for the workload migration.

Once we agree on the migration planning, scope and budget, the execution phase starts. An agile approach with weekly sprints of the workload migration progress. DexMach has its own standardized approach to accelerate your cloud migration and keep your stakeholders informed with up-to-date status dashboards of the migration status.

If you are interested to know more about our approach and project references, feel free to reach out via the contact form below and we setup a first introduction meeting to align with your requirements and questions.

Some of our project references

With an infrastructure optimization assessment and application owner centric approach, DexMach has provided the needed insights for Aperam to take the right decisions in their cloud strategy. DexMach has executed an accelerated cloud migration of the Aperam datacenter to Microsoft Azure via lift & shift. Modernization of the IaaS services is the next phase. Continuous environment evaluation and optimization is executed via the DexCare Cloud Managed Services.

Aperam is a global player in the stainless, electrical and specialty steel markets with customers in over 40 countries. The company employs more than 9000 employees worldwide.

Manufacturing, Aperam

Lift & Shift Migration Assessment for an end-to-end analysis and mapping of the IT estate of the Spain entity of ArcelorMittal. The scope of the project encompasses the cloud migration of more than 600 virtual machines to Microsoft Azure.

ArcelorMittal is the world’s largest steel producer with more than 200k+ employees.

Manufacturing, ArcelorMittal


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