Modern Workplace Foundation

Empower your employees to achieve more

Modern workplaces enable employees to work flexibly, without dependence on specific devices and locations. Not only does this enhance the satisfaction of individual employees, it also increases their productivity in the long term. DexMach has created an approach to on-board customers in the cloud. With the large experience in assisting enterprise customers in their journey to the cloud we can provide guidance on best practices and present a complete program that fits your needs.

Companies are moving from a Traditional IT managed model to Modern IT Management where users use company data and apps on any device from any location. DexMach helps you define your Modern Workplace Foundation and brings you as a company back in control of those devices by implementing proper security policies. Application protection policies combined with a Cloud Identity Foundation and Security & Threat Protection capabilities provide a solid endpoint security strategy and definition for your environment.

Customer opportunity

Rapid workplace provisioning.

Business agility and flexibility with an increase in employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Centralized workplace management.

Cloud managed.

Expert training for your system engineers.

Get started

> Workshop and Design documentation.

> Execute a Proof-of-Concept Cloud Device Management.

> Create your project road-map for Cloud Device Management implementation.


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