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Information Technology is migrating to the cloud. Your procedures and processes are consuming both time and money. Digital transformation is directing you to cloud projects and these become unstable, expensive and unpredictable. You are worried, troubled, desperate, maybe even started thinking that the cloud does not fulfil your needs…

Stop worrying! What you need is a deus ex machina that jumps on stage and gives you godly wings to start adopting, designing, operating and optimizing your cloud services, fully automated. Put your faith in cloud intelligence and automation. That deus ex machina is DEXMACH.

what we do

DexMach is a Microsoft Partner, trusted service provider for modern business and IT cloud solutions. The new culture of cloud has been analyzed, translated and applied in DexMach’s service model. The combination of enterprise cloud project experience, a team of cloud experts covering different cloud areas and our next gen cloud products DexBrix and DexCare, makes Dexmach your ideal partner for a cloud “deus ex machina“.

For enterprise cloud environments

Each enterprise environment is unique! The approach in a cloud adoption mindset is a key element for successful cloud service consumption in the enterprise. The DexMach team is at your service to help define your cloud foundation, governance and application architectures. Existing environments that are candidates to run in the cloud need to be evaluated. The feasibility assessment program provides a deep technical insight of your Lift & Shift scenario. Procedures are created for the “Lift”, a roadmap is created for the “Shift” part of the scenario, in which clear optimizations are defined for your workloads in the cloud.

“Building” your cloud environment is considered a deliverable. Workshops and training for the internal cloud team are organized to fulfill your operational needs. “Insights” on performance, security and cost are created via your cloud IT dashboards.

For smaller environments moving to the cloud

The set of services and products are combined to provide full cloud offloading of your environment via the Microsoft CSP platform. Adopt, architecture and design is defined during onboarding, operational support is provided via our DexCare cloud managed services and a team of experts is ready to assist in taking you to the next level of cloud services integration.

For individual solutions

Individual solutions travelling to the cloud demand for a specific approach. Accessed and released, together with the business model around it, is subject to change. Quick wins are directly integrated in the move to the cloud environment, small development optimization adjustments are defined in the release planning and architecture changes are defined in their own release. This is a high-level overview of the application transition approach where code sample, “cookbooks”, reference architectures and notes-from-the-field are brought together to define the cloud version of your solution.

how we work together

Adopt cloud solutions and concepts

Adopting cloud services in a new or existing environment is a process that demands an individual approach for each organization. Cloud “value” is defined for your unique environment through brainstorming sessions, cloud solution advisory or custom training programs. DexMach experts guide you to valuable cloud solutions on technical and business level.

DexMach cloud foundation programs

Guidance and reference architectures of Microsoft, notes-from-the-field and best practices for architecting and consuming cloud services are brought together in the cloud foundations programs. Dexmach‘s approach is to assist customers in their cloud journey from business evaluation to a fully managed cloud environment. Our team has built a wide experience in each aspect of cloud migration and formalized it in accelerator programs.

Cloud solutions architecture and consultancy

Show us where your current ICT or solution situation leaves you in the dark and we will show you the light. You describe what you expect from your business in terms of cloud and we will guide you on this journey. In any scenario we have the DNA to think for the customer: Business and technical requirements are combined to define your requirements, these are translated to your standardized and compliant cloud environment and everything needs to be made visible from performance to security and cost.

Products and services

DexBrix and DexCare are subscription based solutions, created to offload cloud complexity for any customer. Different flavors are defined for each product to accelerate your cloud desires; from a single application to a fully managed services. In any product flavor we have the focus to think for the customer:

  • Simplified cloud orchestration via DexBrix to standardize and accelerate cloud provisioning.
  • DexCare cloud managed services, the cloud-way to offload operation for your cloud environment.

Dexcare, cloud support as it should be!

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Dexmach, cloud intelligence & automation

DexMach‘s approach is to assist customers in their cloud journey from business evaluation to a full managed operational environment. A cloud approach is defined for every phase, any scenario and use case. A complete adoption program, a rich set of accelerators and our experienced cloud team help you to get ready to manage your cloud consumption.

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DexBrix, off-the-shelf productivity bricks

DexBrix is a managed automation engine to help enhance the productivity, performance and innovation of your services dramatically. By delivering off-the-shelf productivity bricks, the platform helps you orchestrate and automate IT processes and your business in a very simple, but efficient way.

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DexCare, your 24/7 cloud care plan

Delivering managed services optimized for cloud is different. Classic approaches can work till a certain level, but start to fail when full cloud services are used.  DexCare managed services are designed, build and automated engines for your workloads in the cloud. Different services are defined to manage your cloud, identity, workplaces and security.

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DExports, cloud insights coming home

Cloud Insights as a Service! Cloud performance, cost, service management and security insights become available in your Power BI environment. A base set of visuals, data modelling and dataset creation as a service are some of the ingredients of DExports.

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DexBrix, what do you want to orchestrate today?

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