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Our vision

Industrialized IT services are the opportunity

The IT-world is in the industrialization era! Every industry and organization is looking to extend its IT services with cloud capabilities. While these organizations have all the parts to build a solid, controlled and predictable cloud environment. Many of them do not have the knowledge and insights to set these up properly.

For us the cloud is one big environment that can be triggered, let’s say it in modern terminology…one big IoT environment. We can interact with this environment in many ways and we see this as an opportunity to do a “Deus ex Machina” in IT services delivery.

As an IT services integrator with a “born in the cloud” mindset, this is the new element to provide value for our customers. Complexity of using cloud is, in many cases, associated with translating traditional architectures to cloud services. Changing this mindset has the direct result that current IT business services models are subject to change when introducing cloud services. The trust for using cloud is based on an innovative viewpoint with following key pillars:

  • Cloud is new, this gives us the opportunity to standardize this new environment.
  • Guidance and reference architecture are an accelerator from the vendor. Use these and see what is missing, based on business requirements.
  • Cloud Architecture is defined by bringing business and technical requirements together.
  • Deployments are orchestrated… fully automated to guarantee standardization, compliancy and security.
  • Operations on cloud services are totally different for PaaS and SaaS cloud services. Based on the defined standards, compliancy is measured and this is an automated process. Operations is not done with “hands” but with “code”.
  • Reporting and having detailed insights on cloud performance is one of the most important elements to create trust. Yes we are getting value from the cloud, yes cloud cost is under control…

DexMach service portfolio is the translation of all of the above. We are a team of passionate, innovation-focused cloud experts, wanting to bring value for our customers. Products are created (as a Service) to make cloud easy to consume and to hide all complexity. From deployment using DexBrix to operations with DexCare and reporting visualized in DExPorts; a complete set of services is available to offload customers so they can focus on their core business.

In order to be able to achieve more with cloud services, we need to start doing less. Delivering cloud services and applications to production in a faster, standardized and stable way has become imperative to the future success of any business. Automate it as a whole and we have industrialized IT services!

Kurt Van Hoecke, CEO

Strategic Partnerships

Our elite partnership and close collaboration with the Microsoft teams empowers us to bring our customers to the next level in their cloud journey.

DexMach has a great team of certified subject-matter experts. Our outstanding knowledge, drive for innovation and successfully implemented customer projects grant us a number of Microsoft Gold Partner certifications.


2011 – INOVATIV Belgium

2017 – itnetX Belgium

2019 – DEXMACH

Both companies Inovativ Belgium and itnetX Belgium were part of a license agreement to work together in an alliance. We learned that sometimes company cultures and vision strategy are not a 100% match to deliver your goals. We believe in a cloud-first approach where standardization is key powered by automation.

In 2019 we started DexMach with the purpose to better evangelize our vision and cloud strategy to your organization. With this name change we want to move forward as a fully independent entity. Strengthen our position as your innovation partner.  Our goal is to bring you value. Your success is our victory. We are your deus ex machina, we are DEXMACH.

the team

Solution Architects
We have a broad-spectrum knowledge of the cloud and are able to fit it in your business and IT landscape.
Technical Architects
We are known for our in-depth technical expertise in several aspects of the cloud, such as Infrastructure, Data, Identity and security.
Cloud Consultants
Our experience and knowledge will help you with the technical implementation of your cloud journey to provide an end-to-end adoption of the cloud.
Azure DevOps Automation Engineers
Our team focuses on implementing IT infrastructure automation solutions focusing on secure and fast automation solution with a smooth user experience.
Managed Services Support Engineers
Assisting you in your daily operations is our goal! We make sure your cloud infrastructure are handled taking into account business constraints.
Managing all aspects of the administrative chain is what our team is responsible for.

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