Cloud Advisory

Vision and strategy

When your organization is looking for a cloud adoption strategy and vision, the “Cloud Advisory Partnership” is your answer. The flexibility in this service offering is created by defining a set of pre-committed advisory days. You can plan these reserved days on request. Advisory consultancy can be, for example, attending the Infrastructure Council meeting on a weekly basis or can be workload specific.

Our experts are at your service for advise on:

  • Digital Transformation Roadmaps
  • Cloud Governance & Strategy
  • Modern Workplace
  • IT Infrastructure Information Management
  • IT Infrastructure Vision Development
  • Big Data
  • DevOps Automation

DexMach excels in providing this advisory role, based on its large experience and early adoption in any domain of cloud service consumption and DevOps automation. Depending on the topic requests a subject matter expert cloud architect is assigned to deliver the consultancy. In this way the customer and DexMach are building a long-lasting relationship and trust for adopting cloud services.


Decision Makers in cloud adoption

IT Management

Datacenter & Cloud Architects

Application Service Owners


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